We have moved forward in the past couple of months with planned improvements and changes as development was being finalized.  We will continue to update our videos and photos highlighting these improvements and additions.

  • Vinyl coated wire mesh for safety guarding on both sides and the back of the system has been added (Lexan all around, optional)
  • An aluminum grate will replace the solid aluminum bottom plate to allow liquid to drip into a drip pan (This will be a standard feature)
  • Currently AC or DC design is available.  We are finalizing designs to offer both (As an option)

At NEO Recycling Systems we offer three models, all engineered for safety, reliability and convenience.  Beginning with the "Basic", moving to "Go Green" and our largest, most dynamic model, "Big Blue Marble", recycling efforts will provide more benefit for less time and less wasted temporary storage space than ever before.

The outdated "one can at a time" manual crusher is a thing of the past.  Our systems reduce nearly all plastic bottles by 75% of their original size.  (4) bags full of cans or plastic bottles now becomes (1) and the trip to the aluminum or plastic recycling drop-off is 75% more profitable for all consumers and businesses. 

That Makes A Difference!  We intend to provide systems that will have an overall positive impact on the recycling effort worldwide.

Consumer Recycling Communities are growing and we are proud to introduce the most practical consumer recycling systems never seen before to support this recycling growth.  This pre-market promotion will make available all (3) of our current models.  The finished design includes an electronic safety switch, rugged and durable aluminum frame design and AC or DC operation.  In addition, all (3) models are portable and can easily be moved.  The purpose of this business is to provide consumers the convenience that was previously unavailable, so that a greater recycling impact may be achieved to prevent aluminum cans and plastic containers from being dumped into landfills.  We invite everyone who recycles to join in this effort to support the introduction of NEO Recycling Systems.  Follow the link to find out what we are offering to help with allowing the recycling consumer have a real impact in keeping these out of our landfills!

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